Today we look at the dirtiest places in Lagos, this is due to the fact LASG are planning to bring back the monthly sanitation exercises, lets look those places where filthiness is a normal way of live (so to say) .

Due to the fact the government have been trying so had to clean this places, the citizens are the major problem of this places. As you can see people excreting or urinating in public places, putting trash inside the drainage or disposing it any how on the road. People turning the walk-way into a market area making it impossible for people to pass.

Lawma does a lot of work sweeping and even cleaning the places everyday but lagosians would still behave in their normal character of improper disposal of trash. we will not be explaining but listing this top areas.

I was listening to a teaching where a president said Africans come from the villages to the cities and convert the cities into villages

we will be

Lets Get Started


This is the capital of filth in lagos, going through this place will always disgust you. if one is not careful you might step on an excreta mostly located at lasu second gate side


iOshodi might look clean but doesn’t smell nice, every where in oshodi smells like a place of urine as most people would rather pee on the rail way tracks than pay #50 to use the public toilets


This is a major market place, most of this place is littered with good and wares, food stuffs etc. Most market women after the food stuffs spoils they pile into one place that almost as tall as a mountaion

Ikotun BRT

I dont know why ikotun brt the one where they load ikeja and cele is always dirty because lawma usually clean that place basically everytime

Egbeda/Iyana Ipaja

Egbeda/Iyana Ipaja both have the same problem with oyingbo. most of the motor park drivers are guilty of urinating just anywhere in iyana ipaja, some would even park in the road and pee on their own buses.


Obalende under the bridge have refused to be clean despite the work lawma and even enforcement officers have tried to do. the drainage under the bridge near the police micro finance bank is filled with dirt, you dont want to be there when it rains


Should i say the danfo drivers are the major reason ajah is always dirty with the way the dispose things. The major cause of flooding in the ajah is blocked drainage




Ketu/Mile 12


Jakande Estate/Oke afa








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