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Let’s look at top places people share apartments in Lagos.. a lot of people share apartments due to many factors like rent, high cost of getting hotels or transportation to work daily ..

What is Shared Apartment

Shared housing is a long-term living arrangement between two or more unrelated people who choose to live together to take advantage of the mutual benefits it offers.  The benefits are shared rent, bills like psp bills ,PHCN, etc

Usually shared apartments are split between 2–4 persons

Most people who share apartments are majorly workers , corpers and under graduates (thanks to low hostels available to students who study in this schools) or even travellers . Do you know some people live in ibadan and work in Lagos.

It is cheaper to get a shared apartment as some home owners charge as low 3,000 weekly to stay in their place

Some prefer shared apartment not even because of cost ,some do so based on traffic. Lagos traffics is from hell

Most of did not know our parents well as some of them come home 10 to 11pm and live home the next morning by 4am to 5am, you don’t want to be in a Lagos traffic

We got a lost of request on cotenant from people who need shared apartments and surveys online to write this list

Let’s roll


Ajah is the home of shared apartment in Lagos, most people sharing apartment in ajah are working in lekki and VI.. the transport to work daily from oshodi to lekki is 500 naira daily note that most people are either coming fRom iyana ipaja, abule egba ,so they tend to save Cost by getting a shared apartment in ajah and it’s more cheaper as some houses go as low 3000 naira weekly


YABA is housing two federal schools and lots of parastalas in it .. unilag and yabatech have hostel problems as most students have to come together to share rooms .. this is not strange at all in yaba


EGBEDA is on this list because A lot of people in egbeda share apartments, if you go to places like car wash, unity estate ,abule odu etc most of the houses their are shared apartments but it’s on a low key, you don’t want to get into trouble with your care taker as most of the care taker are very greedy …

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The reason ikorodu is on this list is because laspotech doesn’t have a hostel to house students, once u are a student u find ur accommodation by yourself


SURULERE is close to the island and close to yaba.. most people prefer surulere sometimes because of the proximity to unilag or those that work there, most bankers in surulere stay in shared apartments as some live in igando ,ikotun etc


Lekki is home to shared apartments for premium travellers, mostly foreigners staying in homes in lekki are doing it on the basis of shared apartments and they stay on their own.

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Ogba is close to alauaa, oregun, opebi etc most of the people sharing apartments are the firs guys and bankers


places they share apartment in ikeja are oregun, alausa, Allen.. traffic from iyana ipaja can last for hours depending on what is the effect, we want to thank mr ambode for fixing the express as this as reduce the traffic from iyana ipaja to dopemu to ikeja under bridge


lot of people share apartment in agege because it’s the cheapest place to get a shared apartment in Lagos and it cost 100 naira to ikeja .. as long as you help pay bills you can even stay for free


Igando is close to lasu, lasu only hostel is for ladies and it houses around 200 female students, leaving over 8,800 students to house themselves


Lasu is inside iyana iba , most locations in this axis have been turned to hostel for students by private individuals and most students sublet the places to class mates and friends


IKOYI is more of a premium shared apartment locations that usually house expatriates that would stay for a whole month Etc most apartment are already furnished and no one would stay with them just them..


Obalende is close to VI, most of the shared apartments in obalende are for young graduates who can manage the place as obalende is a very rough area


Magodo is a premium location too for foreigners or Nigerians who come home for holidays … the reason for premium is because daily stay cost around 10,000 naira ($25) excluding agent fees


Oshodi is the link between the island and the mainland and the hinterland.. that is iyana ipaja 《Oshodi 》ikorodu 》Lagos island, so you are in the middle of Lagos, so to speak

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Gbagada is home to premium shared apartments in Lagos too


IJESHA is on the list because if as a student you can’t afford yaba or surulere . You would get a shared apartment at IJESHA

Notable mentions Festac


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