We created a new section on cotenant which Make it easy to get people to share rent, what this means is for example you couldn’t find a shared apartment on cotenant or any apartment that suite your taste, you could actually find a rent partner on cotenant that is you pair with someone and the both of you can rent lets say a 2 bedroom flat together on each other terms

We know getting shared apartments is not an easy task.

What you gain

Cost of rent is spilt

cost of fees like commission and agreement is split

Cost of bills like Nepa, Security is split too

You get to meet your potential room mate

And you both can rent a better property together

So Join Cotenant Commuity with over 300 Users

Get Started Below

  • If you need a apartment
  • If you need a rent partner
  • Have a room to share

It Cost Just 1,000 to be a member of cotenant, which is better than paying an agent 3,000 for inspection all shared rooms are verified for you already so you are not paying any inspection fees

It’s that Simple !


Thank you

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