Use us to fill a spare room or find one to live in. Find flatmates you click with – the people who make sharing amazing.
Tell people what you're looking for

Tell people what you’re looking for

Create an ad and let potential flatmates find you. Tell them that you’ve got a room to fill or you want to find one to live in. Talk about the kind of flatshare you’re looking for. Are you looking to party every night, or just birthdays and Christmas?

Add photos and a video

Bring your ad to life by adding photos and a video. It gives people a real sense of who you are or what your room’s like, far more so than anything you’ll write in your ad. It’s quick and easy – you can do it straight from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

See what we’ve got

Search for a location or postcode to see all the flatshares available. You can filter your results or use our Advanced Search for even better results based on your budget, ideal location and a whole host of other options.

Contact potential flatmates directly

Once you see something (or someone) you’re interested in, sign up so you can contact them directly.

Arrange a viewing

If you like the sound of each other, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level and meet up in person.

Get ahead

Pay a small fee to get your ad further up people’s searches, or see potential flatshares as soon as they’re listed.

Start sharing

Your ups and downs, your triumphs and disasters, cost of transport and work experience.

Share your story

Tell us about your experience of flatsharing. The unlikely friendship between the it girl and the IT guy. The flatmate who insisted on keeping her plant in the bathroom even though it had been dead for six months. Highlights, lowlights, we want to hear it all.


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