Jobs You Can Do Before You Get Your Dream Job


lets look at Jobs you can do before that dream job arrive,

ill you use a quote from the scriptures which says

Psalm 1:3
And in whatever he does, he prospers.

There are a lot of jobs that people can do but wont do because they don’t look dignifying , believe me there are no dirty jobs anywhere but lazy people every where.

Some of this jobs don’t need certificates some need just your skills. ill be using skills more on this post

Driving is a skill, me for example cant drive
According to Taxify, you can earn ₦70,000 weekly using your car for taxify. if you have a car and still complain about not having a job sorry is your name, you can use uber and taxify simultaneously and earn money. some of the taxify drivers have meet are always neatly dressed, it was more cool when i meet a female uber driver.
Do you have a car or your parents have a car collect it from them and start the car hailing services and make money doing it, I would have said uncle and aunties car but many of us have bad reputation with our extended family i would have encouraged you going to them, sign an agreement and they give you their car ,you guys share profit.
Notable companies to use their company uber and taxify, their process are very straight forward equally you can work as a driver for Obus, schools etc

Bike Rider
Opay says you can earn ₦200,000 monthly being a biker on their platform, with the mass exodus of riders from gokada and max to opay i believe its true. if you are a good bike rider join opay and start riding bikes , the best thing about this is that people wont even see your face because of the helmet you would be wearing. its better than been at home all day doing nothing, you don’t know who you would carry one day that would like your personality and would like to know more about you.

Real Estate Consultant
This is easy just go to the nearest real estate firm near and tell them you want to join them. you would be sharing commission with them, you just have to be wise so you don’t get cheated when you bring in a client to rent or buy a property. its actually easy to get clients to rent properties online , just always post your properties on Facebook (Facebook is the fastest way to get clients to rent a property).
You can earn ₦15,000 per week through commission

Freelance Writer
Companies pay thousands of Naira to write articles for them, just tell them you can help them put their business on google first page they would jump on you. writing articles help boost website seo alot, so alot of companies know the importance of seo.
You can earn ₦25,000 per post

Web Designer
Their is a difference between web designer and web developer.
A Web designer is someone who prepares content for the Web. This role is mainly related to the styling and layout of pages with content, including text and images. Web designers use many technologies but commonly rely on wordpress ,joomla much skills are not needed for this at all.
You can earn ₦50,000 per web project

Errand Man/Women
I know of a lady that earn ₦5,000 daily, running errands for people in Ibadan. shes a graduate of university of Ibadan, but since she has no job, she printed fliers shared it around and now she run errands for people. that’s a wise lady

Apartment Sharing
Apartment sharing means renting out an empty room in your apartment to workers near your apartment or travellers, on Co-Tenant people earn as much as ₦1,500 daily renting out a room in their apartment. equally it works if you cant pay your full rent any more, you can find people to join you to pay rent

Notable Jobs
Email Marketer


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