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Apartments in major cities are expensive and, for most people, renting on your own is going to be unaffordable unless you’re earning megabucks. For many, living with roommates is the best alternative to living somewhere out in the suburbs. After all, living in the city is all about living in the city, isn’t it?

Do you have a full house or apartment that is empty, do you know you can make 1,500 daily renting the room to workers, travelers, corpers or students near you.

There are a lot of Nigerians workers, corpers and travelers who need cheap accommodations to stay for a short period, if for example you have an empty house or room you can furnish it and rent it out.

If your rent per year is 150,000 for a three bedroom apartment, you can rent out the remaining 2 rooms for 70,000 per year each to students or corpers near you or rent it out to workers for 50,000 per month that is 600,000 for a year, calculate your profit

All you need to do is

Snap Your Apartment and Upload on cotenant.ng

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