Safety Tips When Renting A Property In Lagos

We would be looking at safety tips to take when renting a property in Lagos, this tips would help you not to get into trouble with real estate agents or Landlords in Lagos

Basically everyone in Lagos think they are real estate agents

Be very wise in Lagos

Lets Get Started

Do not go for Real Estate Inspection alone, this advice is for ladies in particular.

Do not rent a property close to the express way

Make sure you go with a friend possibly a male person to go with you for real estate inspection

Do not go to unfamiliar places alone.

Double check real estate agency background.

Do not pay rent to any agent

Insist to pay rent to Landlord or representative of land lord

In some cases insist on meeting the landlord

Do not pay rent for a property under renovation, even if you do pay during renovation collect the keys

Immediately after payment for rent, collect keys from agent

Immediately after payment collect receipt for apartment

Inspect Apartment location, go around and ask questions from people who live around the apartment

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