Top Things That Take Your Monthly Salary Silently


Many salary earners have actually spent their salary before receiving it, like ill jokingly say my eyes have spent my salary

We will be looking at stuffs that take your salary, we will be using the singles as we know most married people have extra stuffs added to their expenditure monthly example children school fees, diapers ,baby food etc

we will be using the salary scale of ₦ 70,000

Power Bills: Depends on what you use prepaid or direct bills, you still pay a lot. the average cost of power bills in Nigeria is ₦5,000 monthly note after paying maybe ₦1000 you still pay one hidden maintenance fee somewhere, you wont see this until you check your receipt. if you are using direct light be expecting nothing less than ₦7,000 monthly from the power companies

Lawma(Trash Management): Waste management is serious business especially in Lagos, do you know if you don’t pay you waste bills you can be prosecuted in Lagos or the gate of your house locked up, in my house that consists of 6 flats we pay ₦ 6000 monthly for waste management, that’s ₦ 1,000 naira per flat depending on your location.

Security Bills(Olode): This one is now a compulsory thing in Lagos and some part of western Nigeria, some group of young youths would come together and form a group , become a vigilante and start charging each street at least
₦ 1,000 per month note this is per flat too.

Transportation: Whether you are using a car or a bus, you would still pay for transportation. it cost an average lagosian ₦ 1500 daily to move to and fro around lagos to work.

Food: Should i say food is a curse because of the cost, lagosians spend an average ₦5000 per week for a person, this is because most lagosians are working class and dont have time to eat at home. so they end up buying food, Food Stuff should go for ₦ 15000 per month for a single person if the person chooses not to eat outside or minimize it.

Cable Subscription: The lowest Dstv or gotv sub goes for ₦ 2500 monthly , NOTE: Some people would still go out and spend ₦ 100 to watch football at viewing centers.

Recharge Card/Data: According to the NBS , Nigerians spend more on recharge card than food, in an average we recharge ₦ 5000 monthly on call cards and data

Notable Mentions

Partying: Cloths,shoes and drinks

Family Members which include parents,girl friends etc

Alumni associations

Emergency Health Conditions

Professional Exam fees etc

Police Fee (For those that like trouble making)

If you look at this over 75% of your salary is gone remember you still need to save for yearly rent and house maintenance.. why not save cost and share that empty room with people working near and save yourself some financial stress follow this link to get started


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